Some landing pages that any real estate agent should use


Are you trying to work out a real estate marketing strategy to make the most of the conversions for your page?

In the real estate sector, capturing leads online are critical to finding new customers.

Listed below are Landing Pages and ideas that will get you better sales

  1. Partners Trust

Partners Trust is a website that allows you to browse houses and rental properties for sale and get info on recent property sales in Los Angeles

Partners Trust is a favorite site that’s hard not to forget. The page has thousands of homes and properties for sale and rentals. You can also get information on the recent property sales.

The site has a bulleted list of advantages that is easy to scan and comprehend. Such a list is an excellent way of explaining to visitors what they will gain once they get your offers.

What I like about this site:

The Summarized Form: The design form is clear, modern and just great!

The Checklist image: Though the picture on the bottom left is small; it’s always an excellent idea to visually show page visitors the offer. An image makes the offer appear more perceptible than just enlightening it with text.

Bulleted Merits List: Such a list is an exceptional way to convey quickly to page visitors what they will get out offers you would be willing to give. This website has visibly created a list of advantages that are easy to understand and scan.

  1. Vintage Oaks

Vintage Oaks is a community in the Texas Hill Country featuring homes and land for sale, surrounded by resort-style amenities. It has a great landing page for their Real Estate buying guide.

This page provides important information houses, and various other types of properties for sale or rental purposes in the Texas Hill Country area.

Vintage Oaks’s page has a call to action button that’s easily spotted. The CAT also has an excellent color that is visible. Its image is intriguing because of its geographic theme inviting people interested in purchasing properties from this community.

This page has a form that visitors are required to fill. The good thing is that this form doesn’t ask for so much information, making it more likely for the visitor to fill it.

What I Like About this Page:

The Length of the Form: The Length of the Form grabs the right info from visitors but doesn’t ask for too much.

The page Image: The geographic-themed image at the top of the page is intriguing and inviting to those interested in buying homes in this community. It adds flavor to the page and makes the page more alluring.

  1. Vision Investment Properties

Vision Investment Properties is a real estate firm that provides high-income property investment opportunities.

This landing page features high-end properties for investment. Vision Investment Properties page is recommended due to its graphics and image used. It’s attractive due to the dark gray color that ushers you to the site.

The page has a bold and noticeable call to action button. The CTA’s bright blue color against the all-white and gray shades is easy to spot, ensuring you convert the page as soon as you land on this website.

Vision Investment Properties also has a bulleted list that’s attractively formatted making the points quick to read and understand. It will take you seconds to peruse through this list.

What I Like About this Page:

The Call-to-Action: The bright blue color against the gray and all white background makes it easy to spot and to convert as soon as you click on this site.

The Graphic: The first thing you see when you land on the page is the dark gray graphic in the middle of the page that visibly conveys the offer.

The Bulleted List: Their landing page is nicely formatted this to make it very clear to scan and understand. The “what you’ll learn” conveys the merits to the visitor as it takes just a few seconds to peruse through.

  1. Andrew Green

Andre Green is the real estate agent of Keller Williams Elite Realty situated in North Vancouver, Canada. This is the landing page visitors would land on when looking for Vancouver real estate brokers and agents:

What I Like About this Page:

The Image: I like how Green has featured his face on top of his landing page to increase trust. He has included his cell phone number in an easy to locate position on the page.

  1. Matt Morris

He is a real estate agent for the Windermere Stellar Real Estate situated in Vancouver, Washington. I found Matt’s landing page through an organic search for real estate agents and brokers in Seattle:

What I Like About this Page:

The Bulleted Lists: Matt has used bullet points to make the site appear less cluttered making it easier to read. He has highlighted his areas of specialty and some of his expertise in list format, making it easy for a would-be client to see his credentials.

The Image: By showing your face to page visitors and prospective customers you come across as more personal. Your photo makes them feel as though they identify with you right from the start. Matt’s photo is welcoming and friendly to visitors, leading to an engaging page experience.

  1. Michael Gordon Real Estate Broker

Michael Gordon is a highly experienced and skilled real estate broker and agent in Toronto.

This page, owned by Michael Gordon, is a recommended landing page for all real estate agents. Mr. Gordon is a successful real estate agent and broker in Toronto, Canada.

His web page is highly recommended due to the customer testimonials. These testimonials are trustworthy, genuine and honest. What makes them reputable is the fact that, the page includes the name of the person who wrote the comment.

Recent property sales are listed on the site with an image of the sold home, condo or apartment. Including a photo of the property further cements this page as a top landing page and increases Gordon’s impression as a truthful agent.

What I Like About this Page:

Customer Testimonials: The written testimonials seems sincere, credible, and honest. It also seems more reputable as it includes the name of the person making it.

The Recent Sale: Michael Gordon has visibly displayed one of his recent sales, complete with a photo of the property. Displaying such sales is a way of increasing the visitors’ impression of him as a trustworthy agent. He has also included information about the property including the number of days it was on the market.

  1. Whiffin and Wilson

Whiffin and Wilson are real estate consultants, with experience in residential property and corporate properties.

What I Like About this Page:

The Simple, Sleek Design: Whiffin and Wilson have chosen to go with a simple landing page for their FREE home valuation offer. It is less cluttered and easy to quickly understand.

The Background Logo and Image: They have chosen a picture that relates to the offer, but doesn’t distract page visitors from the aim of conversion. The logo is a little small but visible to those reading over the page.

  1. Agent Pronto

Agent Pronto is a free site that helps visitors to find brokers and real estate agents in particular cities, towns or locations they want.

This page is has a very well written bulleted list. This list is clear and concise, and its contents are straight to the point. Agent Pronto has also gone ahead and listed some renowned partners such Keller Williams and Sutton. Doing so significantly improves the credibility of the page, making any visitors to the site more likely to convert.

What I like about Agent Pronto:

The Bold Title: When you land on this page and see the heading, it’s clear what Agent Pronto does, and the services they offer. The title also stands out noticeably from the turquoise background

The Bulleted List: There is a list of “Top 5% Agents” that’s effortless to read and peruse swiftly when deciding if the service is right for the page visitor. Ameliorating the readability of the page is vital to maximizing conversions

Partners List: Displaying prominent partners such as Keller Williams and Sutton increases the trustworthiness of the service, making visitors more likely to convert

Landing pages are critical for any real estate agent in increasing web presence. As an industry player, you need to have a strategy for increasing the number of visitors that click your page every day. Increasing the number of clicks on your web page is important in finding new clients. Landing pages are critical as they will assist you in speaking to particular audiences.

You could have a landing page for selling apartments, second home buyers, selling condos, or first-time property buyers.

Several factors make the best landing pages. They include a good headline. A great title is a perfect way of capturing someone’s attention. It’s only an excellent and attractive headline that will tell a visitor if they are on the right page or not. A visitor usually has about 3-4 seconds to make a decision. Your title needs to spot on.

The second thing your landing page needs is an incredible image. The image can be a picture or some graphically designed photograph. It should be a picture that the visitors will relate to. The photo should also tell the visitor what he is promised once he clicks on the page.

You also need to have a lead capture and a call to action button. A lead capture is defined as the ability to ask for permission for personal info from a visitor so that you can contact them through emails or letters. Your offer has to be compelling because no one will fill such information in this era of the internet where privacy matters a lot.

Driving traffic to your real estate page

You can increase the amount of traffic to your site through paid adverts either on Google, Bing, or Facebook. Most people often subscribe to Google due to its popularity. However, Bing Ads are way cheaper than Google Adwords

Use of Search Engine Optimization is a sure way of making you more visible on the web. Keywords is important in increasing the number of clicks on your web page. Research on the internet for the most appropriate keywords.

Another sure way of driving traffic to your site is using your email list – of course as a real estate agent you ought to have one. If you don’t have an email list, you should start building one as soon as possible. Having an email list is already a permission from your clients to email them with links to Landing Pages. Ensure you show them the significance of the emails, value that will drive them to the landing pages.

You could also take the old school way of advertising by using print adverts. However, this method of advertising is can be expensive as compared to online adverts depending on the newspaper or magazine you want to place your ad.


Planning to be a Renter in Los Angeles? Better watch your pocket first


With a humongous population size of 3.8 million, the city of Angeles happens to be the second most populous and probably the first most popular city of United States. 40% of its population is foreign born and belongs to some 140 countries and undoubtedly this percentage of is ever increasing. With the continuous influx of people willing to get settled in the city, prices are climbing up and every month 13,000 residents are turning up into homeless folks. Honestly speaking it’s all about doing some serious math before you actually hit the road and move into the city.

No wonder every American wants to get settled in this colorful city. Are you also planning to move in LA? As a renter? Well, before you do that you ought to consider a few facts. Renters spend up to 47% of their earnings on their apartment rents. To afford an average LA apartment you need to earn dollars at the rate of $33/hour which is of course much but then again, it’s LA! Moreover, some estimations tell us that to stuff that heavy amount in your pocket on hourly basis, you better enter the city as a marketing manager, software engineer, a high-profiled lawyer and if not these then at least a teacher. So before you pack your bags and fly off to LA, put your dreams of becoming an Angelian aside, do some math, take out some time and find a place that doesn’t get heavy on your pocket.

There is a bulk of information and guides available on internet which let you know that actually living in LA will cost you. So these may help you to have an idea if you can really afford the life in this city. Now suppose you manage to find a livable place in the city, there are still more considerations and things you must make a mental note of. There are several illegal-come-legal units and the residents have all the rights and protections as any other tenant in the city. If you are planning to get settled in one of these, let your landlord know that you know that he/she just can’t ask you vacate the place and hit the road rather it has to go through a smooth legal way.

When you rent-off a unit, make sure it is habitable and if it isn’t then ask your landlord to make it since it is entirely his/her responsibility to maintain the place in a good condition. Now by good we mean that there should be a proper working supply of electricity, gas and water, no cracked ceilings, no broken doors and screenless windows, appliances (if any) in working condition and above all no plumbing issues which becomes quite a nuisance to live with. Before you sign up the lease, make sure you understand and agree with each and everything written in it. If there is something which you don’t agree with, feel no hesitation to point it out and ask the landlord to make it right. If planning to live in a non-rent-controlled unit, you must know that your rent can’t be raised before your lease is up. Monthly rented unit inhibitors can face a rent increase quite often. So, it would be better if you go for a rent-controlled where you’ll face a yearly raise in rent by a particular percentage.

If you are new in the city, you are more likely to face problems and in that case there are authorities which you can contact. Contact the Los Angeles Housing Department in case your landlord isn’t responding to your repair based or rent based issues.

What makes Los Angeles a dream city for everyone?

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Los Angeles – LA, the city of angels, the city of dreams; this city is equally special for visitors as well as the natives. Currently, there are 200 languages are spoken in LA which is due to the very fact that the 40% of its population consists of foreign born people and this percentage is nowhere near decreasing rather it is continuously mounting up. This single piece of statistical information will give you an idea how much people are attracted to this city. They don’t want to just visit it, they want to be a part of it and living in LA means something.

Let me tell you ; what is it that makes this city so special? From the Hollywood Walk of Fame to the Disney Land and from the Griffith Observatory to the sign of Hollywood, from the lavish neighborhoods to the cozy beaches, there are countless sights of attraction.

The warm soothing Mediterranean climate of the city is what is liked by me and the most of the people. There are no chilly nights and snow storms to make you grumble, no skin scorching summers to make you flinch and get grounded in your home. Round the year the, with slight variations, the climate remains moderate to warm and when there are warmest of warm days, we have beaches to go to. If you ask me what are the things to do in LA, trust me the list is as vast as the city itself. It’s rather erroneous to call LA a city. It’s a city with as many as 88 cities (communities and suburbs) within it. If you speak of geographical boundaries, LA has none. It’s expanding at top speed; the neighborhoods, the shopping centers, the exquisite eateries.

For a tourist, the major 5 attractions of Los Angeles are following:

  • Griffith Observatory: 80 years old this observatory, though not revolutionized the world (as claimed by Griffith J. Griffith) but still it gives you a must see stupendous panorama.
  • The Hollywood Sign: One of the marked attractions of the city, this historical sign (initially as “Hollywoodlan”), has been up there since 1923. It is impossible to have a trip to LA and not have a selfie with this sign in your background
  • Disneyland Resort: Consisting of two parks, claiming itself as the “Happiest Place on Earth”, Disneyland Resort has been standing here for last 60 years and is constantly evolving as per the demands of the tourists
  • Hollywood Walk of Fame: Long known as the city of show business, the city of Los Angeles offers yet another glimpse of stardust. With the immortalized names of 2400 famed personalities on pink terrazzo are worth watching
  • The Getty Center: If you are a fan of some high class, sophisticated art work, then The Getty Center is the place you mustn’t fail to visit. Having vast collections of photography, painting and sculptures, this place is an obvious envy of worldwide art galleries and museums.

Leaving behind the fashion industry workforce of New York, LA fashion industry has a labor force of 87,000 people and more jobs are available in this country. The five-county area of LA has more employed and engaged about 700,000 and 190,000 people in health services (including medical activities) and technology, respectively. With total visitors’ number exceeding 44.2 million, LA set the worldwide record tourism in 2014. Living in LA is a dream, the one which indeed is worth living and also the one which affects the zeros in your bank balance. If you have enough of those zeros and a wish to experience a sophisticatedly luxurious and entertainment filled life, LA is your place.